Effective Pain Relief Tuina Massage + Acupuncture $69 Weston Rd

We are promoting Tuina Massage and Acupuncture to NEW clients.
The combination of Tuina Massage + Acupuncture can relieve your pain effectively
and improve your conditions.
You try the treatment once, you can feel the difference.
We are experienced in helping you with these conditions :
Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back pain;
Tennis Elbow; Golfer’s Elbow; Tendonitis;
Neck pain and Migraine Headache;
Lower Back pain; Sciatica numbness and radiating pain to legs;
Plantar Fasciitis,
Insomnia, Depression,
too frequent urination,
Menstrual cycle irregularities,
Night Sweating, Spontaneous Sweating,

We are professional therapists. We are sincerely helping clients. Many clients are coming back because
of promising results.
Appointments ONLY.
Please text message to 416-356-3999.
NO Phone Call Please.