Weston Sciatica pain relief Acupuncture & Massage & Cupping $75

Restore Health Centre is providing effective treatment for both Acupuncture and Massage to improve a lot of conditions :
1) Reduce chronic pain at neck, back, shoulder, Sciatica, calf; and joint inflammation : tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder and bursitis;
2) Reduce heaviness, toxins, and dampness of body
3) Reduce symptoms of menopause
4) Improve menstrual irregularities
5) Balance hormonal issues and increase fertility
6) Treat facial paralysis and Parkinson’s disease
7) Improve blood generation and Qi circulation, reduce signs of nausea, vomiting & vertigo
8) Reduce anxiety and depression
9) Improve insomnia, sleep deeper
10) Improve constipation and diarrhea
11) Improve immune system
12) Reduce coughing, dyspnea, treat bronchitis.

We also provide suction cupping, fire cupping and blood letting cupping to release toxins, muscle spasm,
promote healing of tendonitis and capsulitis , bursitis, increase blood and lymph circulation.

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