$95/ 1hr Deep Tissue/Relaxation Massage

Strictly professional, over 15 year experience. Luxury high end massage bed by Oakworks: soft PVC-free TerraTouch upholstery includes head rest and recline.

I like to use heat to soften the connective tissue makes it easier to massage out the knots and tension. In one hour session I usually start upper/lower back then glutes, hamstrings, lower leg, feet, shoulder arms, hands, neck and head I can cover all these areas front and back in one hour. Cold hydro or slowly technique maybe used to further improve circulation increases range of motion and mobility. I also incorporate Sports Active Release and Reflexology technique depending on your concern. Music, candles great home setting no disturbance. Plenty of parking.

$95/ 1 hr deep tissue relaxation massage
(For appointment made for 9am-7:30pm)

$115/ 1 hr deep tissue relaxation massage
(For appointment made for anything after 8pm)

$150-$165 for mobile service depending on location

$170/. Package-15 min in detox sauna, 50 mins massage and 20 mins Epsom/sea salt bath (includes rose petals and infused eucalyptus and peppermint oil salts). Total 1 hour and 30 mins treatment.

$20 Additional bath salts for homecare Epsom/sea salt infused with essential oils. Good for two baths.