Effective Deep Tissue Massage fascia Movement Release

Working Professional Female.
15 years experience. Worked with professional athletes. No extras.

Located by Mavis and Bristol in Mississauga. Working hours 8am-10pm 7/days a week

Draping is mandatory. However, if you don’t like to be under sheets, I’ll gladly massage you through clothes.

Specialize and incorporate all these:
*** SportsActive Movement Release,
*** Reflexology
*** Deep tissue Swedish technique ***Myofascial stretching and
***Trigger point Release..,
depending on your concerns.

Condition that can be treated:
*Muscle tension/strain
*Ligaments tear/sprain
*Carpal tunnel syndrome
*Rotator cuff tendinitis
*TOS thoracic outlet syndrome
*Sciatic Nerve compression
*Bell’s palsy
*Back pain
*Sports injury
*Sleep disorders
*Postural disfunction
*Tennis elbow/ golfers etc

***. $120/hr deep tissue relaxation massage

***. $180/90 minutes

***. $220/2 hrs

***. $145/hr for appointment after 8pm-11pm or 6am-8am

***. $180/15 minutes Inferred Sauna, 1 hour massage,15 minutes Epsom sea salt bath, rose petals bath

***. $240-260 mobile service depending on where you are.

***. $20 Epsom salt & Sea salt infused with Peppermint and eucalyptus oil for home care.

*Inferred Sauna therapy:
Joint Pain,
Performance an Muscle,
Skin Health
Sleep an Circadian Rhythm,
Balance Hormones,
Improve General Wellness

The importance of touch in massage Touch is the dialogue between myself and client. Touch creates sensation and is language of the body with mindfulness in my hands. I try to feel what is needed by my counterpart. I listen to my hands and trust my intuition and intuition. Mindfulness, love and intuition is key to art of giving a massage.