✨Experience the Massage in a Salt Cave ✨

Turkish Hammam – Body Scrub We provide a traditional Turkish Hammam – (Body Scrub). It’s a bath on a shower table where there’s the application of a natural mixture on the back of brown sugar and soap, with a good body scrub, it exfoliates and cleanses the skin pretty well. The process takes approximately 45mins. This takes place in a traditional Steam Room. The reg price is $90 promotional offer is $75

Salt Cave Massage Room We provide a salt cave room for our massage. It is Himalayan salt that fills the room so you may have a wonderful atmosphere as you get the Massage. It’s a wonderful experience.

The massage includes back, shoulders, neck, arms, and lower legs.

We also have a package deal of 1hr Massage and 45mins Turkish Hammam (Body Scrub) for $120.

Promotional Offers

My rates are: 1/2 hr reg price $60 promotional offer $45

1hr reg price $90 promotional offer $75

90mins reg price $150 promotional offer $90

45mins Turkish Hammam reg price $90 promotional offer $75

Packaged Deal: 1hr Massage 45mins Turkish Hammam $120

Couples Discount For Couples, we provide an verity of options to spend a wonderful time together.

Group Packages For Group Hangouts, we provide exclusive Packages to choose from. From 2 – 3 hrs, be prepared to walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.