Facial,Body massage,Waxing,Microneedling,Microderma

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Deep Cleansing Facial $65
Deep cleansing facial with Microdermabrasion $ 75
Facial(Herbal, Whitening, Acne, Fruit & Anti Aging)$65
Herbal facial with microdermabrasion eye brow and upper lip wax included $75
Deep Cleanse Back Facial $65(Basic) brow and upper lip wax included
Deep cleanse Back facial with microdemabrasion Full back wax included $99
Microneedling acne scar removing &antiaging treatment$175 ( gauranteed results)
Micro-needling may help address many skin-related problems including:
acne / enlarged pores
skin pigmentation issues
stretch marks
increases the production of collagen
rejuvenates the skin
Scalp Massage $10
Shoulder Massage $10
Arms & Hands Massage $15
Back Massage $20
Legs Massage $20
Foot Massage $10
Full Body Massage $$65 (1hr 15mins)
Nose Hair Removal $5
Nose Blackhead Removal $5
Neck $10
Ear Wax $5
Shoulders $10
Underarms $10
Full Arms $20
Half Arms $15
Hands $5
Full Legs $25
Half Legs $20
Feet $5
Chest $5
Tummy $15
Back $20
Buttocks $10
Brazilian & Bikini $25
Full Body $80
I’m truly certified with 5 years of experience to perform Medical Aesthetic services with a diploma in Advanced & Medical Aesthetics. I’m offering in mobile home Spa services.
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