Massage therapy and Osteopathy in Mississauga

Massage Therapy is more than just a relaxation!
Offering Sports Massage, Indian Ayurvedic therapy,
Swedish, Deep tissue ,Aroma therapy and Osteopathy treatment for
Sports related injuries,
Muscular Tension Sciatica
Arthritis &Tendonitis
Headaches& Migraines
Repetitive strain Injury
Neck& Back pain
Post injury & Post Surgical rehabilitation
Circulatory & Nervous system problems
& Symptoms during and after Pregnancy.

Strictly Professional service
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We accept health insurances.

All genders are welcome
Please Call us at 416-564-7475

Monday – Saturday
9:30 PM – 6:30 PM

NOTE: Online Booking is Available now!
We are a professional medical centre.

Thank you
Team OMC