PreNatal , PostNatal and Therapeutic Body Mass Massage Therapy

I am a male Registered massage therapist (RMT) certified and trained in Prenatal , Postnatal and regular Therapeutic Body Massage therapy. First session complementary. Can provide Insurance receipts.

1 ) A Prenatal Massage is a great way to reduce stress and manage discomfort in a relaxing way during your pregnancy. Prenatal Massages can aid with sleep trouble, anxiety and depression that can be triggered due to hormonal changes.Massage techniques are used to alleviate any strain and pressure in your lower body including back, pelvic area and abdomen.

Benefits of Prenatal massage :

– Helps decreases stress and anxiety
– Aids with sleep trouble
– Encourages blood and lymph circulation
– Reduces pain in joints and muscles
– Alleviates strain during pregnancy

2 ) A postnatal massage helps your body and mind return to the pre-pregnancy state, using calming and comforting techniques. My goal is to bring comfort and enhance the healing process for new mothers.

Benefits of Postnatal massage :

– Aids in quicker healing by lowering stress
– Increasing circulation and relaxing the muscles
– Improve sleep and breastfeeding in new mothers

3 ) I would offer holistic therapeutic deep-tissue Swedish massage therapy or I can offer deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, reviving, pampering, soothing, full-body massage treatments for pure relaxation, general wellness or well-being helping you to relax, unwind and drift away from the daily stresses of life taking time out from your busy lifestyle.

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