Rejuvenating Facials, Laser Hair Removal and more…

Basic Facial Package ($60.00)
• Facial cleanse
• Face massage – Steam
• Clean up
• Face pack

Jade Facial Massage ($80.00)
• Facial cleanse
• Jade stone massage
• Steam – Clean up
• Face Cleanser, Lemon & Vitamin B Vegan Gel Mask. Antioxidant with Neem Oil good for Acne / oily skin

Hydra Facial ($80.00)
• Cleanse, face massage
• Vacuum pore suction with steam
• Removes dead skin cells & blackheads
• 24K Gold Face Peel off Mask, with Gold Collagen, treats wrinkles and has lifting and firming properties
• Light calming head massage

Led Light Therapy massage ($80.00)
• Facial cleanse
• Cream message application
• Steam / Clean up – Gentle Massage – Body
• Gold Premium Modeling Rubber Mask for sun damaged skin.
• Total facial rejuvenation 20 mins of LED light therapy for instant glow

RF Facial for specific skin problems ($100)
• The high-frequency facial is used by estheticians to help treat Acne
• The violet argon gas electrode is used by professionals to treat acne prone skin
The orange red neon gas electrodes are generally indicated in the treatment of aging skin

Microdermabrasion ($100)
• Facial cleanse – gentle massage with facial oil
• This is an abrasive procedure. It “sands / sloughs” away the dead cells from your skin.

Dermaplaning ($120)
• Dermaplaning is the act of using a razor blade to exfoliate the skin. It is a type of physical exfoliation
• This procedure is performed with a sterile 10-gauge surgical scalpel, it is sharper than your razor blade.
• This is finished off with a soothing mask or serum.

Chemical Peel ($150) – (Hollywood Favorite)
• Cleanse and wipe face dry
• Chemical peel application (x3)
• Wash, cleanse hydrate and sunscreen
• Breaks down older skin to bring out younger skin.
• Smooths out fine lines, acne scars, sun damage, Age spots, Enlarged Pores, Hyperpigmentation