^_^Zento Massotherapy (438)878~9888^_^

www. zentomassotherapy.com

*Massage Therapy:
-Chinese TuiNa
-Passive Mobilization
-Thai Yoga
-California style
-Hot stone massage
-Ashiatsu (walking on the back)

*Reflexology / Cupping/Moxibution

*Acupuncture *

*Osteopath *

Cozy rooms with zen atmosphere, some great musical and shower is at location. Free parking and receipts(massage, natural path, acupuncture and osteopathic) provided. We are looking forward to your visit!

*Under this special period time, we recommend you to use the mask during the treatment. Thank you!

Zento Massotherapy Team
Tel.: (438) 878 9888
5645-4# Cote des Neiges, H3T 1Y

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