Rasage, Epilation bikini & autres_MALE WAXING

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RASAGE, ÉPILATION À LA CIRE, TRAITEMENTS AU LASER toutes parties du corps incluant le bikini intégral. Combo rasage+massage disponible

TEL: 450 978 0009 ADR: Laval-des-Rapides

Ouvert du Lundi au Samedi de 10H00 à 22H00 – Dimanche de 10h à 18h


Why waxing? If you looking for sexy smooth skin, waxing is the way to go….Depilatories and shaving can irritate your skin, and hair grows back more rapidly compared to wax-ing. When you WAX your hair becomes softer ,finer and easier to remove, leading to less pain after just a few waxing sessions. Most people enjoy 4 to 6 weeks of smoothness before the hair returns. Also shaving and LASER treatments for all body parts including brazilian. Combination Shave+Massage available.