Home Salon near Hwy 403/Dundas

Home Based Female, Providing Good Massage by Essential Premium Oils and Full Body Hair Removal *Trimming*Shaving*Waxing*laser for Female and Male.
Laser Benefits: Clearer, Smoother Skin and Permanent Hair Reduction. Long Lasting Results, Painless, Reduces Ingrown Hair, Less Skin Irritation.
Wax Benefits: Helps Eliminate Body Odour, Frees Bacteria Breeding Ground. Immediate results are Stubble Free, Smooth and Even Skin. Progressively Finer and Sparser Hair. This is private Home Salon in condo apartment nice residential area. Parking free. COVID Protocol Enforced, Face Mask is Mandatory inside my Building; Disposable Bed Sheets are used for Every Customer, Certified Aesthetician and CMT Aromatherapy, limited appointment available per day, 11am-7pm hours may differ, please text @2898854252 for booking an apt. And price info. No accept insurance, thanks,