Acupressure Therapeutic Massage 65$ per hour

Acupressure Massage: 65 $ per hour,
Address: Unit A, 1278 Shillington Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1Z 8A4
Close to civic hospital (carling/fisher area)
Contact: 613-710-9555,

A Skilled Massage Therapist may use acupressure points to help enhance a client’s experience. By including Acupressure techniques, the therapist aims to release muscular tension, help increase the circulation of the blood, and heighten the body’s life force energy. This is why many Massage Therapists incorporate Acupressure in their work.

The advantages of Acupressure Massage may include relieving pain, burnout, backaches, headaches, and insomnia, and also maintaining good health through self-care.