Body work Specialist Registered Massothérapeute

Body work Specialist Registered Massothérapeute a Gatineau

Francais et anglais, bilingue.
Emotional Healing Massage offered at our Wellness Centre in a newly renovated spacious studio. Trained and experienced professional in various techniques:
** Therapeutic Touch Light Massage
** Swedish relaxation Massage
** Deep Tissue Massage
** Essential oils Massage
** Emotion Focused body work : finding our emotions stored in the body
The body is a screen for our emotions, joys and pains. Through this Body work we use gentle intuitive touch therapy to bring attention to the parts of our body which are in pain, need attention, awareness and unblocking. When we find a tension area, we try to identify which emotion stored in the that muscle is causing the pain. The area is worked on through body work, and by addressing the emotion, sitting with it.
For those who have already practiced body awareness and other forms of therapy, we will work together to identify needs for rebalancing and integrating parts, using principles of inner child integration

++Floor Mat or Table available for treatment++
120$/hr 160$/90min at the Wellness centre in Vieux Aylmer Gatineau.

Please Text to book : 613 408 7542
or Visit site and book online