Energy Healing for Pain – When nothing else works

Are you suffering from pain that can’t be removed by massage or other forms of therapy?

Pain can be a cruel debilitating thing, and we have been there before. Our energy and crystal healing is borne of meditation that was designed to help this healer fix problems for himself for the past 25+ years, but more recently for people who were near and dear to us. We couldn’t resist the feeling of watching that sense of relief that washed over people who have no other options. This is why we exist.

And we would like to share what we found.

We are specialized primarily in removal/reduction of sciatica and joint pain. We can take care of other issues too – just call to find out or visit our website.

Many people have come in and gotten themselves healed in a very short amount of time – So don’t suffer unnecessarily from pain anymore – boost your productivity, you don’t need to take any chances – we truly won’t charge people we can’t heal – as long as it doesn’t cost us extra to service you – so we keep our doors open only by healing people.

Booking yourself an appointment is as easy as pressing the “Book Appointment” button on our site and picking the “initial consultation” for your first visit or “Energy healing” and picking the time you wish to visit. Outside of this – just call us.

Covid-19 update: We are open for healing on Mondays from 10-6PM, until the next stay at home order comes around. So, don’t postpone your healing and improved productivity – come out while we are still available and beat the next “Stay At Home” order to the punch!

———— How Much We Charge Our Clients ————–

See our website homepage for pricing – you can find the link on the right side of this page.

Come in and talk to us about your concerns on billing if you are concerned about costs if you don’t get relief. We can work together to ensure your peace of mind.

We do use online software for booking you and need an intake form to be filled out as part of your initial consultation – to help us keep proper records and ensure that we cover all the bases. Our privacy policy ensures that we keep your information confidential (see our website for more details).

———— Your Insurance May Cover This ————
It may be possible to get your insurance to cover this. Our website has a link at the bottom that explains how you might obtain such coverage.

OHIP does not cover this. But, we are working on finding more ways for you to get our service for free through a combination of public and private funding.

———— Contact Us or Press the Book Appointment Button ————–

Use our Contact information to reach us vis-a-vis a fillable form, use our email address or simply click the “Book Appointment” button to book yourself an appointment with us automatically.

Our phone number is: (613) 262-9168 (call or text us during our call hours)

————- More information ——————
Wish to inform yourself of all your options and get a good idea of how we practice? Our blog is chock full of articles that relate to how we do our work and can be found on our website above. Don’t miss out on this important resource to help you reduce the pain or troubles you are suffering from.

———— Office Hours For Healing ————–
Our drop in office hours are on Fridays: 6AM -9PM. Out of office hours for healing may be arranged – however, they need to be confirmed first with us. This occasionally varies from what I’ve written here and you may need to visit our contact page to get the updated hours of operation.

———— Payment types Accepted ————
Payments can be made by cash, credit or debit using tap or chip – And, very importantly, we offer a money-back guarantee (see website: conditions apply) depending on what you buy… Don’t depend on snake oil salespeople. Thus far we haven’t had anyone we’ve had to turn away because we were unable to heal them.

———- Covid-19 Measures in Place —————
Covid 19 measures are in place – a mask will be worn at all times and the area is always wiped down with alcohol based sanitizer.