As a chemist and professional photographer – I have noticed MANY ladies with extreme skin dehydration with deep soft skin lines and poor skin tone. I offer a service that is professional and will HOPEFULLY reduce those lines caused by lack of hydration in their skin tissues. I have offered this side service for the last three years – and there is a noticeable difference. Past pregnancy, dry skin due to over sun exposure, lack of daily application of cream in areas that are sensitive and covered by elastic or tight clothing or just poor attention to older skin. I am eager to work with you – to see if cream that is high in water content – will reduce these lines and scaring. TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL and the good results that help those lines and skin condition rehydrate – will be my payment. NOTHING more is expected. Rehydration and massage to bring blood flow back to those areas – really do work to make the skin more elastic and looking and feeling better. THIS IS NOT INTENDED to be any cure – but a physical / chemical proactive approach that can help bring the skin back to a good and better health condition. Interested – please give me a call…..