Professional Facial Services

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Hello, I am the owner at Shadow’s Serenity Spa and I offer Facial and Massage packages in my own home, along side of Neda’s Hair Salon.
A little about myself: Growing up I struggled with problem skin and I was constantly looking for the right treatment. I often went to get facials and was told there products would cure me of my issues. I bought so many products thinking it would help but to no avail.
I chose this line of work to help others who struggle to find genuine answers and actually see a change in their skin condition. My business is based on honesty, quality and results.
***for a limited time only; free shampoo and blow dry is included with a Comprehensive Facial package***
I am currently offering each new customer to recieve a Basic Facial for only $40 and moving forward after the initial service, sessions will be $50.
**Note: I only provide my services to woman.
Each package includes your very own personalized skin exam where I determine your skin type and I will then recommend the effective treatment for you.
If you bring me a new client, you will also recieve $10 off ANY service, this includes anything at my Spa or at Neda’s Hair Salon.
You may find our buisness details of what we provide on facebook at Neda’s Salon and Esthetician Services.
If you have any questions or to book an appointment, you may please reply to this ad, on facebook or at the phone number I listed in this post.