Registered Massage for Inner Integration

How does Body Work Integration work? The client is given an intake form with a brief description of healing modalities and may speak about the goals he/she has in terms of healing. Sessions may be held on the floor on a massage mat, on the massage table, or simply on a chair. Clients may choose either massage therapy, inner healing, or a combination of both. You decide which feels right. Firstly, the body work integration practitioner starts the massage therapy with effleurage techniques. She then scans the body with her hands for energetic blockages that have risen to the surface. For example, a muscle or a group of muscles may hold the emotion ‘dependency’. We then explore this emotion further, and we find the word ‘dependency on self’, or self-reliance. As we invite this emotion to speak more it says: “I was always disappointed by others whom I asked for help. They turned me down, they were not there for me, I learned to rely on myself.”

Light massage therapy techniques are employed

Benefits of body work:
 Reduces Pain and Inflammation
 Promotes Relaxation
 Aids In Digestion
 Stimulates The Circulatory System
 Boosts Immunity
 Helps Regulate the Respiratory System
 Maintains Bone Health
 Aids in Skin Regeneration
 Increases Muscle tone
 Alleviates Muscle cramps
 Facilitates emotional processing and release

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Location: Viex Aylmer in medical building

If you have any questions feel free to reach out :
(613) 408-7542
Insurance Receipts are provided.