uplifting energy work for trauma / loneliness / shame

Availability: check back soon, TBD
20 min back massage for loneliness – $15
Can customize your experience by adding more time or adding on healing properties, elements, options for change of venue and location like outdoors and even provision of a meal or breaking of a small fast. I have professional and lived experience in bodywork and holistic natural methods of healing and want to share that for those who, like myself, need it right now. I can suggest some modalities during the session based off of a bit of details from you and a casual body scan (nothing without your permission of course – all within your comfort level, as communicated by you).
Looking forward to helping out where I can and forging client relationships.
Inquiries / Bookings with NeuBodyHarmony via email: Nbharmony@outlook.com
I will need your number to confirm. (I will call from (226) 637-4026.)
Booking now. Some last minute appts accepted. 1-2 day notice is appreciated but not mandatory.
I wanted to note that I have worked with endurance athletes and did a year program of one-on-one Swedish massage training under the guidance of a top RMT. I won’t do corrections like a chiropractor and want to ensure no injury or further damage. With that said, you will notice some natural corrections to your overall “spirit” and gait with regular therapeutic intervention and decompression I will do based off of a body scan and a general check-in – metaphorically speaking this can be as simple as plugging the printer into a power source FIRST as a basic troubleshooting remedy first off before branching attention off elsewhere.
Next availability: TBD
uplifting energy work for trauma / loneliness / shame