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I’am a Thai lady, providing the professional Thai massage and Aroma oil massage for $80Hr I work at home studio in weyburn,SK full body relaxation Thai massage & Stress relieves. Good service and rate.
***Traditional Thai Massage Therapy.****
Traditional Thai massage is the classical from of Thai massage. In its most complete form. It includes over 108 Stretching and compression postures. The Enlivening of Meridian lines and Stimulation of specific Acupressure points. this Ancient form of massage is perhaps the most complete re-balancing and recalibrating Therapeutic Massage. It’s holistic effects make it the #1 requested therapy in Five star Resorts around the world.
** Thai Aroma Oil Massage Therapy. **
This unique Thai version of oil massage can be as relaxing or as aggressive a deep- tissue therapy as the client might wish. It may involve using organic essential oils and healing balms imported from Thailand. Baan Thai Massage utilize coconut oil which is very well absorbed and well tolerated by the skin. Thai Aromatherapy oil Massage is most effective in relieving muscle stress and tension
Open daily for 9 AM- 7 PM
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