$49 per hour by Student Massage Therapist Open till 8:30pm

Sugary nails and massage spa
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Introduction to our massage practitioners.
Spa Massage Practitioner
Registered Reflexologist
Student Massage Therapist
OceAnna offers:
Swedish relaxation massage using techniques designed to relax and reduce tension.
Reflexology designed to bring the body to homeostasis by working reflex points in the feet.
Tuina Massage Practitioner
Victoria is traditionally trained in Tuina technique styles with the goal of each treatment to balance the body, increase circulation, and increase overall well-being.
Massage Prices
30 minutes- $40
45 minutes- $55
50 minutes- $60
60 minutes- $65
60 minutes- $49 (with OceAnna )
90 minutes- $95
Pregnancy massage
30 minutes- $40
45 minutes- $55
Ask us about our relaxation couples massage.
Body scrub $95
Our body scrub is a full body exfoliation freeing you of dry skin while encouraging healthy regrown and stimulating collagen synthesis. Finishing with a warm shower followed by lotion application to moisturize the skin and keep it young.
Body scrub plus $120
Adds 20 minutes of relaxing massage to the lotion application process of the massage.