Coworking space (Registered Massage Therapists)

Are you a massage therapist seeking a space for your massage practice? Well, look no further. Whether you are an established massage therapist looking for a drop-in space, or a newly minted RMT looking to make some money on the side, this solution allows you to pay for only the space you need. This flexible arrangement means you can grow your massage practice without worrying about making lease payments. In addition to this, we eliminate the overhead costs typically associated with opening a physical location of your own by providing all the essentials.

Some additional perks include:
• Online scheduling
• New clientele
• Free headshot
• Free individual advertising
• PPE provided
• Free parking for you and your clients
• Three treatment rooms—furnished (excluding massage table)
Cost of space: 15% commission per client.
Other stipulations: RMT must use software provided by coworking space.
Please contact for more information