Lash Extensions, Relaxation Massage, Henna, Facials and Nails


Certified in Lash Extension and other aesthetics services.

Enjoy excellent, individualized treatment in a cozy, well-appointed studio.

About Henna, CJR says:
“This woman is so talented. I had my feet and hands done in henna. Strangers stopped me all day to ask where and who did this. I should have taken more business cards. Her studio is beautiful, clean and professional. I actually almost fell asleep during the process. I highly recommend seeing her for not only this service but for the other services.”

About Massage, DY says:
“She’s going to treat you gently rather than give you a vigorous, deep massage. She genuinely wants you to relax and enjoy the experience. She applies long, smooth firm strokes that soothe your muscles and bring real relaxation. It’s wonderful.”