Relaxing body massage with energy work ( 2 in 1)

✅️️Benefits from my work:
1. Impact on correct acupuncture points, meridians with certain force.
2. Using energy work to release stress from your body and making the energy flows to move through your body as if you are in a meditative state in another world if you focus your thoughts in the most comfortable state.
3. Open the way for the blood vessels to move better.
️How to achieve the above benefits:
1. Get ready in a relaxed state.
2. Respect energy work with good attitude and behavior for your health.
3. Keep quiet during a treatment.
️Commitment from the business:
1. Do not provide direct billings to cover insurance (because the massage degree is granted from Vietnam).
2. Instantly relieve stress after a treatment.
3. Provide a new source of energy for the body.
4. Helps blood to circulate more easily in the body by opening up acupuncture points and meridians.

️General regulations from enterprises:
1. It is strictly forbidden to think and act related to sexual activity before and during work.
2. Respect business with a good attitude.
3. Shower and wash before the treatment.
️ Utilities from the building:
1. Large space including 8 large rooms.
2. All instruments are disinfected and renewed for each visit.
3. Fresh air with a lot of natural trees.
4. Free wifi in a big waiting room.
5. The parking lot behind the building can accommodate 10 cars.
️My hour: 7am to 9pm
️My address: 601b 33rd Street West
️My price:
1/ Relaxing body massage with energy work( Moving energy on each part of body )
➡️110$/ one and half hours
➡️145$/ two hours
2/ Lomilomi massage with energy work (moving every in wider areas on full body as if Hawaiian dances):
➡️115$/ one hour
➡️155$/ one and half hours
➡️175$/ two hours ( The first coming and regular customers is 99$/ hour, 145$ / one and half hours, 165$/ 2 hours)