Revitalizing and Refreshing Massage

I am quintessential choice for those looking to calm their mind and body. This wellness experience combines therapeutic tools with a healing touch and intricate performances. Including percussion therapy, facial massaging, dry massaging, hot and cold stone massage, this is the perfect choice for those seeking a revitalizing and peaceful escape.

All massages have customizable pressure;

Presuure: Low
Pressure: Medium
Pressure : Deep


Ideal for the first-time spa visitor or anyone seeking pure relaxation, our signature massage has been developed by our bodywork specialists to reduce tension, soothe muscles and achieve blissful relaxation. We combine light to medium pressure and a flowing technique while using your intuitive choice of beautiful organic oil blends. Our bestselling spa treatment.


For the firmer pressure enthusiast, this deeper massage is the best choice – combining firm forearm and elbow techniques and light stretching. Experience a release of muscle tension and increased mobility.


In Eastern cultures, bamboo symbolizes life, energy, prosperity and longevity. This wonderfully natural massage is known for its restorative properties. Using different-sized pieces of smooth, warmed bamboo, this firm-pressure massage reduces stress, relieves tension in the muscles and tendons, and stimulates the flow of blood and lymph – naturally healing the body and mind.


So much more than a foot massage. This treatment offers luxurious indulgence for the feet and lower legs. Begin with a softening, exfoliating lime-blossom scrub, removed with steamed towels. Then enjoy a soothing pressure-point foot massage using warmed rich crème.


Designed to detoxify the body, Lymphatic Drainage provides the most effective and non-invasive treatment. By stimulating circulation through gentle mechanical suction, rolling heads and flaps, this treatment flushes toxins and excess fluids from the body while maintaining proper blood circulation and body fluid balance.