$55/Hour Pain Specific Massage: Muscle Release

Full Assessment (15mins before massage)
*Range of Motion, SOTs Special Orthopedic Tests, Gait, Myotomes and Dermatomes Testing, &/or Postural Assessment

-Pain Specific Massage (1/hour): Targets specific muscles to decrease pain and increase range of motion
* Upper Body (Arms & Shoulders)
* Back (Upper and Lower Back)
* Lower Body (Legs & Feet)
* Foot Massage (Feet & Ankles)
* Hand/Wrist Massage
* Abdomen Massage (Bloating and Constipation)
* TMJ/Head/Neck massage
*** Sensitive area massages (Glute & Breast) are unavailable at the time***

April 2024: Fully Booked
*Now booking for May 2024

To book, please go to: https://www.picktime.com/SpecificPain