Antidote to Loneliness: Aromatherapy Massage (RMT, Receipt,Cert)

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I took off for 2 months, but due to extraordinary demand from my clients. I have opened my doors to people, please note— if you travelled, family member travelled, are sick, was in the airport/downtown/ or any crowded area the past 4weeks. I will not serve you, even if you have a small cough. I will shower and sanitizer myself before every appointment.

Types of Massages:

Tantrlc — $100

This is if you are feeling alone from the lack of touch, as humans we are naturally bonded to other human’s and because of quarantine this has kept a lot of my clients isolated and demanded being massaged in a soft sensual way. If you are looking for a tantrlc session, please google it so you know what it is.

Oil massage — $80

This is a regular oil aromatherapy massage similar to the Thai Massage

Extra: Boyfriend Experience

This has been a deman I got, after noticing people come to me not for back problems but similar to tantrlc they need the affection and cuddles .

Please message me your name, number and what day your looking for and I will get back to you ASAP.