Ayurveda Facial Massage Practitioner wanted for a new business

For a while, I’ve been an enthusiast of ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda. I’ve been researching this practice in general, and at a point, I started practicing the Ayurveda massage on my face, for almost 2 years. From that time on, I realized the benefits of Ayurveda. The first benefit was de-stressing of my mind. Later on, the muscles of my face were tightened, and I had glowing skin.
Because of this, I’ve decided to open a practice with Ayurveda facial massage to help individuals that work in stressful jobs. As such, I am asking for an Ayurveda Massage Practitioner.
I know that this course is not provided in Canadian Beauty Colleges, and for me someone that has learned this practice from the family tradition, would be ideal. And individual with experience in the Beauty Industry would be preferred as well.
As this will be a new endeavour for me, for the start, the salary will be above the minimum wage, with anticipations to increase in accordance with the business. The candidates will get to know more details.
Whoever is interested can contact me here, by email at jorgjeta.caci@gmail.com or by phone at 647-518-5235.