Cannabinoid & Skin Clarification Treatments-Call Now!!

A unique and exclusive treatment available for women and men of all ages. Simultaneous stimulation of the senses. By combining techniques of relaxation massage; gentle manipulations of muscles and tendons by hand and applying Eternal Elixir which promotes relaxation, reduces inflammation and can improve sleepless nights with regular treatments. Good for eczema conditions, acne, muscle tension, stress tension and more. This is the duality of Eternal Elixir. Benefits you inside and out. Rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and cannabinoids, by the very careful and time consuming selection of natures own. To create the one and only “Scargone”, 30 years ago. Created by Skin by Piantoni, I am proud to present the next generation. Eternal Elixir. When I started as a client 20 years ago I did not know the impact it would have on my life and many of my friends and family. I am so proud and happy to bring to you Eternal Elixir to share the benefits it has brought to me, to you. Well the next generation is here and Eternal Image Consulting is proud to provide you a variety of services and the product to help you overcome these problems. I am here offering a solution. One of the main ingredients of Eternal Elixir is hemp seed oil. It is combined with 7 different kinds of ginseng, olive oil, Manuka honey and 17 other medicinal herbs created to rejuvenate, repair and maintain the skin at the cellular level. Hemp seed oil is known to reduce inflammation in the body and oxygenates the blood stream to reduce pain and discomfort. After 30 years the proof is in the puddin’!

**With regards to relaxation massage, techniques or activity, it is not always performed by a regulated health care provider. Please understand that the massage/bodywork you will receive is provided for the basic purpose of relief from stress, muscular tension and for skin clarification treatments. During times of regulation with regards to COVID-19 we will be adhered too and determined by the scope of any services Eternal Image Consulting advertises, performs or demonstrates, with respect to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws. Further we do not claim to be a physician, dietician, massage therapist, registered massage therapist.