COVID safe massage for women in Toronto

I am a male offering a fusion massage for women. A blend of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Massage, Gentle Passive Stretch and Cranio-Sacral technique. You also have an option of choosing just a specific massage that you need. Your rights as a woman will always be respected all the time before and during treatment. You can decide what part to be massage and the parts of your body to be avoided. Again your rights and decision will be respected all the time.

To ensure public safety:
1.Client will always be screen for COVID symptoms and exposure before being book for a massage appointment in the clinic.

2.Treatment Room and all contact surfaces including Treatment table are disinfected 3 times. Mist spray of Lysol in mid air are also done to neutralize airborne pathogen.

3.Client will be directed to the washroom for proper handwashing and Temperature check using non-contact thermometer will also be done before entering the treatment room.

4.Client will wear mask all the time, before, during and after treatment. I will be wearing PPE and disposable mask all the time.
Washing my hands properly before and after treatment.

5.External clothes like Jacket and Coat that are not washed or disinfected and bags, backpack and big carry on devices are not allowed inside the treatment room. It will be put inside a disposable plastic bag for isolation if you choose to put it inside the treatment room.

6.HEPA air purifier are also in the treatment room to further help remove dust and airborne pathogen.

I accept same day appointment and advanced booking

60 mins = $113 only

90 mins =$158 only

120 mins = $209 only

I accept Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Debit card

First time client for further inquiries or same day appointment please email me at

– Thank you