E-Relax body massage spa

WE ARE RE-OPEN NOW and with New Masseuse.
Welcome call 416-299-0066 to make an appointment
first, it will save your time, and improve our service.
Special! Special! Special!
1. For 60 mins massage service from 8:30 am to 9:00pm
2. Buy 5 hours get 30 mins FREE.
3. Buy 10 hours get 60 mins FREE.
You need to relax once in a while and take a break
from the fast paced lifestyle. Please visit us for a
relaxing, professional quality massage.
o Foot Massage
& Shiatsu Massage
§ Hot Stone Body Massage
# Shoulder & Neck Treatment Massage
& Neck Massage
Professional Massage Services, individual private
rooms available, luxury design, natural music make
you feel you are in the quite peaceful world!
Help your body and mind relax while improving your
overall health!
Shiatsu Massage 30min/$40 or 45min/$50or
Foot massage 30min/$40 or 45min/$50 or60mim/$50
Foot massage 30min/$40 or 45min/$50or 60min/$50
Hot Stone Body Massage 30min/$40 or 60min/$60
Shoulder & Neck Treatment Massage 30min/$40 or
Neck Massage 30min/$40
Register place (RMT) and receipt of insurance is
Location :4271 Sheppard Ave, East, Scarborough, unit 9
M1S 4G4
(Midland/Sheppard, near the BMO bank)