Friendly Neighborhood Shaman – Plant Medicine Ceremony

It is an honor for us to provide this POWERFUL opportunity for you, that is, if you truly feel the call.

We work directly with Sacred Plant Medicine (plants or fungi that naturally contain visionary molecules) for these sessions with strict attention to detail in providing the optimal set and setting that allows you as an initiate to fully trust and surrender to the mystery that is revealed by these plant allies. There is much care and attention that goes into preparation and holding space for an initiate and we are divinely aligned in our work. Weeks after a session clients have reported realizations, synchronicities, and epiphanies continuing to arise as they water the seed that was planted during the Healing session. New members are required to do pre-session Consultation to begin. During the first meeting, our lead facilitator will inform you on how to best prepare for the experience inside and out. Consultation is approx. 30-60 minutes. (In person or Via Video call) If this is your first ceremony it is necessary to complete the consultation prior to having us host you for a private ceremony – which can be the most intensely beautiful experience you have ever had. (Adults only 19+)


Complete Private Experience – 2 Consultation appointments + Powerful plant medicine ceremony
Total cost $840
* This is a course for those interested in learning how to effectively and safely work with powerful plant medicines with the guidance of an experienced facilitator. Our sacraments are not for sale and exclusive to our trusted facilitators.

Due to the volume of requests we have received for this service, we will only be able to call you back if you have registered for an upcoming event. All details are coordinated online through here on Kijiji or through our online portal at

Disclaimer. This post is making no claim to be a doctor or pushing the use of anything illegal. Applicants (19+ years) are screened for their own safety and also liability. Not recommended if you have a history of mental illness or are taking any pharmaceutical drugs. Any exchange or details during sessions will remain confidential, unless otherwise agreed upon statements for testimonials. Full disclaimer on website.