Head Scalp Massage $30 for 30 minutes 吴氏头疗半价体验中

Head massage has many benefits. It helps improve blood circulation, relaxes the mind, and helps stress relief. It also helps in relieving tension, headaches, and migraines. Relieve eyes and head fatigue and neck shoulder stiff. Only $30 for 30 minutes for first visit(Half price)

RMT Massage Therapists and Licensed Experienced Chinese Acupuncturists available. Book it online at Oclinic.ca

Accept work insurance or WSIB

欢迎网上预约吴博士亲传弟子Emily和Laura (自幼习武,擅长中医内功功推拿 Qikong Tuina Chinese Internal Massage)

1: 激活神经系统的功能,治疗失眠多梦,神经衰弱
2: 促进血液循环改善头部缺氧 改善视力和记忆力
3: 快速改善头部循环 改善头部缺氧 改善肤色 淡化色斑 美白肌肤
4: 快速放松头部 舒缓神经 防止焦虑症和忧郁症
5: 快速疏通头部经络 排出头部毒素 预防脑中风和老年痴呆
6: 调节神经 改善末梢循环 防止高血压和低血压
7: 快速疏通头部经络 清除头淤堵 快速解决头晕头痛