Healing Beyond the Joint!!!! Relaxation Massage

Are you looking for relief from stress or tension? Stiff and sore muscles?

Skin Clarification and Relaxation Massage is full body massage available by hour and appointment only. By combining Eternal Elixir, food for your skin, and relaxation massage, gentle manipulation by hand of your stiff or tight muscles and tendons will brush away your cares and the noise of our confusing world, Inviting you to immerse yourself in the quiet, peaceful ambiance and let go of negative energies, feelings or thoughts while surrounded in sounds of healing frequency music. Your hectic world will dissolve..

You will benefit from Eternal Elixir by clearing up backne, eczema, demimishes stretch marks and scars of any kind. One of the main ingredients is Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil is rich in cannabinoids found in CBD as well. and no you cannot get high from hemp seed oil. It contains no THC. It is known to reduce inflammation in the body. Oxygenates the blood stream providing clean blood to areas that are uncomfortable. Eternal Elixir can also help improve poor circulation. Do you suffer from sleepless nights? This homeopathic combination of pure concentrate contains no water, no perfume, no dilutents of any kind. It can be very helpful for women going through menopause who are experiencing tossing and turning or night sweats. This treatment is valued by those going through kemo or radiation treatments. By providing intense moisturizing factor is can restore your natural glow. It literally stimulates new cell growth! Further, Eternal Elixir can help repair sun damage and other environmental effects we experience on the daily.

Nature knows best what we need. Skin is the largest organ in the body. It receives the least amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Eternal Elixir created in 1992 by Skin by Piantoni, formally know as “Scargone” is in Ontario brought to by Eternal Image Consulting. Rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and cannabinoids, the building blocks of the human body, will facilitate the natural process of repairing, regenerating and maintaining the skin at the cellular level. After using “Scargone” for 20 years I have developed these ways to get the most food to the skin in the least amount of time. I also exclusively offer Eternal Elixir for retail through the Square store. There you will find a selection for personal use of Eternal Elixir available for purchase. You will never have to go without your food for your skin.

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This is just one of the many ways to do self care. Congrats to you for taking that step on the road to an improved overall quality of life and wellness with Eternal Image Consulting.