Holistic massages by a Afro-latino masseur only and

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outcalls and incalls acepted
Holistic massage 80 cad
Relaxing massage 80 cad
Assisted stretching 80 cad
Deep tissue muscle therapy with cupping 60 cad
Facial and neck massage 60 cad
Hypopressive therapy 70 cad
Thai massage 80cad
Full body massage 60 min 120cad

massages Immerse yourself in a unique experience designed, where relaxation reaches new heights. Our exclusive massages are meticulously crafted to elevate your muscles to optimal levels of well-being and flexibility. Enjoy specialized sessions that not only aim to relax but also improve health and revitalize your entire body.

In our service, each session is an opportunity to release accumulated tensions, improve circulation, and promote flexibility. Our expert therapists employ advanced techniques to focus on specific areas, providing you with a comprehensive wellness experience.

Discover a new dimension of relaxation and self-care with us. From muscle elasticity to complete revitalization, we offer a sanctuary of calm where body and mind find harmony. Give your muscles the attention they deserve and treat yourself to a uniquely tailored wellness experience, exclusively designed for you