Licensed MOBILE WINTER massage

Exceptional Massage Treatment

Toronto hotels preffered as well as hotels at the eastern side of Pearson International airport.

Hello my name is Kelly, I am a very talented Health practitioner. I provide medium pressure, deep tissue, Swedish/relaxation massage. I do specialty treatments for adult men and women including hot stone, and warm essential oil, and body scrub treatment. I focus on injury pain, discomfort or tension that you may be experiencing.

I work most days and am available for late calls.

Very late or early calls may incur an additional fee. Distance may incur additional fees.

Rates: (central downtown hotels):
$115 for 45 minutes
$145 for 1 hour
$185 for 1.5 hours
$235. for 2 hours
$295. for 2.5 hours

Rates: Pearson International airport: (eastern side)
$155. For 45 minutes
$185 for 1hour
$225. For 1.5 hours
$275. For 2 hours
$335. For 2.5 hours

More time extended sessions are available, feel free to make me an offer on a rate. If you are looking for a receipt for insurance purposes please inquire before booking.

Receiving a tip from a client for good service is always appreciated.

Other areas of the city are subject to varied travel fees.

Hosting available in multiple locations.