Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

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Pre & Post-Op Treatment Care

Benefits of Treatment:

No downtime, no surgery & no needles

Treatment time (50 mins approx)

Suitable for Male & Female

Long Lasting Results

No Recovery Time


Can be used for Pre & Post-Op Treatment Care

How Does It Work?

Our Lymphatic Drainage uses light movement and gentle pressure to motivate the body’s lymphatic system which is the system that clears toxins, waste and excess water from our bodies. This process reduces swelling, water weight and inflammation from target areas and promotes overall lymphatic and immune system health.

The treatment is excellent for people who have had surgery or chemotherapy, people with conditions like Fibromyalgia and also people who more generally want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The benefit of lymphatic drainage is that our lymphatic system does not have its own pump (like the heart for the blood circulation system) so it needs a little encouragement to promote detoxification, healing and immune health.

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