Massage, Energy Healing in Peaceful Oakville Studio

Freedom is the feeling you experience after every healing.

Hi my name is Olivia, here is a little background on how I can be of service to you and how the Freedom therapy all started.

I’ve spent years in Asia, studying, teaching, and practicing deep tissue massage, oil massage, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, energy healing and crystal healing.

Overtime I realized that my sessions were not only impacting people physically but also mentally and spiritually.

A massage is much more than loosening up fascia and draining the lymphatic system. There is much more that our bodies and minds register that we may not be aware of. These sessions are designed and intended to surface old memories and emotions, to invoke the light within us and to free us from the limitations we place amongst ourselves.

Freedom therapy is all about embracing your truth, honoring and discovering yourself.

When you inquire about a freedom healing, you’re making a commitment to discovering your limitless potential.

Accpeting Clients Starting Wednesday August 18th for at my studio space in Oakville!
** the safety of myself and my clients is always my priority. Only message if you’re able to conduct yourselves respectfully! I appreciate the overwhelming messages, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Services: Oil massage, Deep Tissue, Head neck and shoulders, energy healing, crystal healing, yoga classes.

Email with any questions you may have! I’ll respond as soon as I can!

Thank You