Headaches? Stress? Sore muscles? Aches? Pain? Frustration? Foggy mind? You need a massage! A full body massage helps to promote blood flow, alleviate tension and pain and allow for better, deeper sleep and recovery from ongoing pain in your body.
Enjoy a professional Deep Tissue, Swedish or custom tailored massage session from the comfort of your home.
My name is Alex and I am a certified, experienced, and highly reviewed massage therapist offering my services to clients across the GTA.
– prior to your appointment I will send you a brief intake questionnaire to determine your health background and preferences for the session
– I will arrive to your location about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to set up my sanitized professional massage table and prepare for the session
– I will then head to the washroom to deeply wash my hands and forearms, giving you a few minutes to get on to the table and covered by the provided draping
– we will commence your session with your choice of relaxing music playing to provide the ideal atmosphere for stress relief. I utilize eucalyptus essential oil and organic coconut oil for your massage (unless you have an allergy, in which case I have alternatives)
– I will check in periodically to ensure the pressure is to your liking, but other than that your only job during the session is to focus on calm breathing and relaxing
– after the session I will return again to the washroom to wash up and give you a few minutes to take your time getting up and dressed
– I’ll then return to pack up my supplies, sanitize my table and head out
– after your session it is important to take a bit of time to just kick back and enjoy the relaxed state you’re now in and drink a couple glasses of water in the hour following your session
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Text 437-370-2877 with any questions or to book