Mustle and Pain Releif T.E.N.S.

Brand new only used once ,it was bought for me but I already have one. If you have ever gone to physiotherapy for pain, tension ect. and they put suction cups on the area of concern which is attached to a machine and it stimulates the nerves and relieves your symptoms that’s what this is like. It’s described better here. TENS Stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. TENS uses electrical pulses that are delivered through the skin to the cutaneous (outer) and afferent (deeper) nerves to alleviate pain and tention. Contrary to medication and cream used on the skin, there are no known side effects resulting from TENS therapy.
Via electrodes attached to the skin, Direct TENS sends electrical pulses to the nerves. This will block the pain impulses. Four electrodes – two for each channel – can be connected to the device. This works so well and feels great when using it. Additionally, the TENS treatment increases the blood circulation. You can use Direct TENS at any time for pain relief and muscle relaxation. Each therapy session should last approximately 30 minutes minimum.
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