Registered Osteopath Therapist/ lash technician

I’m selling my 1971 Oldsmobile cutlass . It is a 442 clone I have been working on this car for Six years , just lost interest .Engine is 350 rocket. Motor has all been redone ,transmissions been done ,interiors been done ,paint job was done .It used to be green ,I have pictures of everything being done to the car just too many to list .It has one mark on the trunk something got dropped on it .It does have a header leak from when we change the transmission just didn’t tighten somewhere enough on the exhaust system. it is running rich. I believe the carb needs to be adjusted I am not good at that .Other than that it is a great car just the two little issues to deal with ,the header leak And the carb issue .Put over $40 000 into it. Other than that my loss your gain make me an offer and we can go from there.asking $28 000 obo