Thai Yoga massage and Reflexolology $90 /hr +HST

Book a one hour thai yoga reflexology or thai yoga massage treatment . Or have a compination treatment of reflexology and thai yoga massage.

Thai Yoga Massage is done fully clothed on a yoga mat or table.

We also have workshops to teach these traditions .

We will only book for those who give their full name, phone number and address.

Any sexual harassment of staff will be reported immediately. This is a therapeutic treatment only and all clients remain fully clothed and dressed.

Our staff are fully trained healthcare professionals and Yoga therapists , RMT and RCRT practitioners.

We give receipts for insurance and tax purposes but we do not do direct billing and it is up to each patient to make sure their Insurance Plan provides coverage. It is too costly and timely for us to do this for you. We are covered by most of the major Insurance Companies ITTM , ITB and Sen Point , Accupressure therapies. Companies like Blue Cross, Green Shield , Sun Life do cover with the correct policy but each policy is different and you must check if your policy covers Reflex Therapies. We are following COVID 19 Protocols and all clients will have to be pre-screened for symptoms.

Please note:

We have had a male calling himself Shaw and a woman calling herself Heather Vandervis who has been harassing healthcare practitioners . These people are dangerous and are probably involved in sex trafficking in the GTA. Please protect your staff and practitioners. We are.