Toronto’s BEST mobile massage therapy for women

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The end of the summer is a perfect time to kick your feet up, relax a bit and get an at-home massage!
Massage therapy works to soothe tense muscles, remove knots and blockages, and improve blood flow- helping your body operate at its optimal level and helping you reduce stress and tension while improving sleep and mental focus.
I’m Alex, a professional massage therapist that offers mobile massage therapy sessions to female clients across Toronto (male clients who reach out to me on Kijiji seem to invariably want inappropriate services. This is a strictly professional service).
I am trained, experienced and highly reviewed in a number of massage styles such as Deep Tissue, Swedish and others.
– Prior to your appointment I will send you a brief intake questionnaire in order to get a bit of helpful information that will help me cater your session to your needs.
– Upon arrival at your place at the arranged time, I will set up the mobile massage table, sheets for your draping, oils and a speaker playing relaxing music to create a spa atmosphere in the comfort of your home.
– after setting up I will retreat to the washroom to thoroughly wash my hands and forearms and give you a few minutes to get prepared and on to the table, covered up by the sheets.
– once you’re all set, I will return to get started on your session. At this point your only job is to focus on breathing, relaxing, and going to your happy place. Throughout the session I will check in occasionally to ensure the pressure is to your liking and you’re enjoying the massage.
– at the conclusion of your session I will return to the washroom and give you the opportunity to take your time getting off the table.
– after cleaning the table and packing up I will head out, leaving you to bask in your feeling of floating on a cloud which is typical after a massage.
– it is important to drink a couple glasses of water in the hour following your session to aid your body on its rejuvenation process.
get in touch now to enjoy the serene experience of an at home massage.
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