Ultimaterelax Massage in Toronto

Certified Massage Therapy in Toronto Area

Massage Therapy given by 22 year old male Practitioner, Ethnicity: Bangladeshi.
Stimulate energy flow along medians to channel body’s own healing responses.
Maintain clients’ treatment records and designed long-term care programs for return customers.
Maintain inventory of all care products and made sure equipment and selling areas were fully stocked and organized.
Diversified services by training in additional techniques such as Thai massage.
Advise clients on lifestyle changes to improve alignment, posture and gait for better long-term wellness.
Prepare blends of plant-based oils to aid in massage through direct warming and aromatherapy.
Assess clients carefully to determine massage needs and potential problems due to individual physical conditions.
This offer is available by going home (Any day) or designated area on weekends.
We Charge
50$ half an hour
100$ per hour
150$ for 90 minutes
All genders are invited.
4312778086 Text for book an Appointment