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Hi Everyone!

Previous Professional History:
Massage Professional 2007-Current
Are you affected by chronic pain & having trouble finding the right practitioner during these times? I am a BC Massage Professional looking to build my clientele in my beautiful NEW PRIVATE STUDIO in the West End. I am OCD clean & 100% complying with all COVID-19 precautions. Booking treatments 30 minutes between each other so I can sanitize & set up for the next client. I can help with issues that keep you up at night due to the pain or any movement restrictions you may be experiencing.
* Sports Therapy/Rehabilitation
* Assisted Stretching & Functional Movement 

* Manual Lymph Drainage

* Myo-Fascial Release

* Pregnancy & Infant Massage 

* Relaxation 

* 13 years of PROFESSIONAL experience in clinical, spa & private practice.
*Veteran DISCOUNTS available.
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$120/90 minute


# 1-604-816-2656