Chinese massage, Thai massage, cupping, scraping, ear picking

You like massage for health care. Are you interested in this special promotion advertisement? Now we offer special package tickets.110 minutes can be used for foot therapy or Chinese acupoint + oil massage. $850 for 10 tickets. 110 minutes per ticket.(if you spend $1050 to $1100 separately) 1. We will try our best to do every new and old customers. The decoration of our shop is not luxurious. But every staff member treats every customer like a guest of honor. Strive to let customers receive massage after a relaxed and comfortable feeling home. 3. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have made greater efforts to improve protection, disinfection and sterilization. The ancients said: a long tendon, life ten years. It is a good health care method to take the time to step on the back and relax by massage.