East Indian and Chinese Style Massage (mobile only)

Hello, name is Marissa.
I’ve been doing massage for five years now, with many happy long-term clients!
My training includes Ayurvedic (Indian) style massage, Tuina (Chinese) massage, Tantric Energy Work, and Master Reiki.
As I specialize in eastern style of massage, I use traditional eastern practice of a floor mat (it works very nicely, you’ll see!) OR you have the option of us converting your bed into comfortable massage place. Both ways can work– I just need to be on the same level with my client for the best experience.
We will do a brief phone consultation where I can learn your mind/body’s needs so I can use the necessary techniques for you!
*draping required*
60min- $90
90min- $110
120min- $130
Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm
How to book:
-reply to this ad to book over the phone
-Min. Three hour notice for booking
*strictly professional massage*