Mobile Full body relaxation massage therapy offered


I am a student in massage school and have passed my practical’s for Swedish Massage and Reflexology Style Massage .

I am also a certified yoga practitioner with professional training.

I do NOT do deep tissue massage or give deep pressure ( it is not a part of the relaxation massage ), on a comfort scale of 1-5 , the pressure is about 2-3 .

This is a Mobile massage service as I do not rent out a space currently.

My massage service seeks to address the Mind, Body and Spirit and is intended to assist the receiver in accessing their innate capacity to heal and come into alignment with who they are. I also include joint release as part of the massage experience to invite the body to experience the possibility of moving in a manner the decreases tension. This is a perfect experience for people who are going under stress , have a lot on their minds and just need to reset and take care of themselves before they can give more to this world.

Massage Only [ swedish/relaxation + reflexology + joint release ] :

3 Hour Session -> $100

I only accept cash as I do not have any payment systems setup.

General Benefits of Swedish Massage:

● Relax and lengthen the muscles and improve mobility and flexibility
● Help muscles recover more quickly after exertion
● Decreased sensation of pain
● Help to balance the autonomic nervous system
● Enhance level of relaxation, alertness, emotional well-being
● Lower blood pressure and reduces pulse rate
● Increase in the circulation of blood and nutrients to localized tissue
● Increase body and mental awareness, fostering a “whole-being connection”
● Improve ability to reduce and monitor stress so as to respond appropriately
● Promote better sleep and sleep patterns
● Induce mental relaxation, calm temper, and relieve mental and physical fatigue
● Help improve concentration
● Promote positive body awareness and improved image
● Aid in recovery from illnesses and injury

Contact me via TEXT with your availability to arrange an appointment , generally I am available Monday , Wednesday and Thursday , the last session ENDING at 9PM :

Monday -> 10AM-9PM

Wednesday & Thursday -> 2PM-9PM