Zen Mobile Massage Services

Professional Certified Massage Provider More than 10 years experience in Spa and Massage Therapy.

Mobile Massage Service in the comfort of your own place.

Services and Rates based on 60 minute massage.

Swedish Relaxation $90 Relaxation relaxing massage can alleviate the mental and physical fatigue that may help: Sense of well-being Improved sleep patterns Increase in oxygenation to your muscles Hormone regulation Pain relief Reduction in depression,

Deep Tissue Massage $90 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage therapy can improve your muscle tone and increase the circulation of your blood and lymphatic system.

Pregnancy Massage $90 Prenatal massage often uses Swedish techniques that can relax your body. The different types of strokes, which may be modified depending on which trimester you’re in, include the following:

Effleurage (light stroking movements) Friction (small circular movements) Light pressure to tight areas.

Chair Massage Available for small parties.

I bring Professional comfortable massage table, Clean fresh sheets, organic oil and lotion.

Text or email 604-445-1956 zenmobilemassage@yahoo.com

Thank you