Deep Tissue Massage With Donna Open Right Now

You can actually relax and enjoy some quiet time.
You will have a calm, quiet atmosphere during your massage. I joke that I’m not much of a talker, so my business is Quiet Strength. But it’s true.
If you want to talk during your massage and it helps you to be comfortable, feel free. But I won’t be chatty if you’re needing some peace & quiet.
Convenient & client-focused.
“No pain/no gain” doesn’t apply here. Massage does NOT have to hurt! That’s not my style.
Expect these benefits from your massage:
Helping you to relax, destress, & enjoy self-care
Supporting you during cancer treatment (or if you’ve gone through cancer in the past)
Offering relief for your chronic pain, problem areas, & muscle tension
If you’re at high risk, medically vulnerable, or immunocompromised, I’m doing my best to be covid-conscious and provide you with a safer environment.
Registered Massage Therapist Since 2014
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Work from home i normally take people in for massages up until 3 am
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